Tara Candelario

Tara received her B.S. Biology with a Physiology concentration from San Francisco State University in 2009. Shortly after, she joined the Hughes-Fulford Laboratory in preparation for Dr. Hughes-Fulford’s NASA STS-131 T-Cell Prime Mouse Immunology project. In April 2010, T-Cell Prime launched aboard the Shuttle Discovery and was in orbit for 15 days. In July 2011, Tara was involved with the preparation and analysis of samples aboard STS-135 (Shuttle Atlantis), the final mission of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program.

After successful SpaceX-3/5 launches of our NIH/NIA funded project “Suppression of the Immune Response in Spaceflight and Aging,” Tara and the Hughes-Fulford team has been focused on analyzing spaceflight samples and post ground studies.


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