T-Cell Patch

T-cell Experiment Patch:

On the road to Mars and beyond, research on the International Space Station (ISS) will play a key role in understanding the impacts of spaceflight on human health. In the central image of our patch, a SpaceX rocket blasts off atop two sweeping launch paths that extend up to the ISS, symbolizing the journey our T-cells will be taking to the ISS. The two shades of blue represent the two spaceflights our experiment will fly on. The curves sweep slightly beyond the iconic station, highlighting its role in paving the path for future exploration. In the lower right a cell is poised against the vast black backdrop of space, representing the T-cells at the heart of our experiment. Its DNA unfurls upward towards the ISS, symbolic of the changes in gene regulation, mRNA, and miRNA induced in the microgravity environment onboard the station, which we will be studying when the cells return to earth. The names of the science team frame the top of the image, while the title of the project, "T-Cell Activation in Aging" completes the framing along the bottom.









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